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Our University

Uva Wellassa University is the first Entrepreneurial University, providing education to the students focusing on employers’ needs and entrepreneurship. The new course driven structure of education facilitates interdisciplinarity, generates the knowledge base for education and practically enlightens their path. Value addition to national resource base caters for sustainable development of the nation. Our theme provides the necessary emphasis that should pervade the system within to pursue a vision clearly giving us a direction on Value Addition to the National Resource Base. It is also the only Entrepreneurial University in Sri Lanka. As such all our degree programs deliver knowledge and skills required by the employers in industry and commerce for value addition. The programs cover resource areas of Aquatic, Export, Tea, Palm, Latex, Minerals, Tourism, Hospitality & Events Management , IT, Entrepreneurship, Management, Science and Technology. The net result of this strategic theme effectively produces graduates readily employable both in the state and the private sector.


Our Aims

  • To effectively deliver new broad-based programs with outstanding combinations of subjects of relevance to economic development and value addition
  • To create and maintain an environment conducive for the pursuit of academic excellence
  • To produce well rounded students matching the demands of society
  • To fulfill all expectations of the government in the final assessment of the university's performance as a national higher education centre

Our Values

  • Respect and tolerance
  • Interdisciplinary degree programs
  • Discipline

Faculty of Animal Science & Export Agriculture

The mission of the Faculty is to support its degree programs to excel in research and learning with a strong emphasis on value addition to the national livestock and agricultural crops through modern, scientific and technological approaches for development within undergraduate, postgraduate, specialty, corporate as well as continuing education.


Faculty of Management

The mission of the Faculty is to support its degreeprograms to produce proficient Managers and Entrepreneurs who could contribute to the socio-economic development of the country with special emphasis on value addition to the national entrepreneurial and human resource base using modern, scientific and technological expertise within undergraduate, postgraduate, specialty, corporate as well as continuing education.


Faculty of Science & Technology

The mission of the Faculty is to support the degreeprogram to advance knowledge particularly on value addition to the national resource base through excellent teaching, high quality research and outstanding outreach activities. The faculty has a distinct academic approach that emphasizes the education of professional practitioners, fosters high achievement and promotes scientific inquiry, innovation and collaboration.

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Research focused on the value addition to the national resource base is an imperative in generating new knowledge, products, services, and processes which are vital for the economic development. Most of the challenges which need to be met locally and nationally have global relevance. UWU has innovated a course driven academic process combined with an operations driven administrative process to respond proactively to the ever changing market needs and thereby to create readily employable entrepreneurial graduates who could take leadership roles in economic development of the country. Having understood the dire need of value addition to the national resource base for economic development of the country, UWU offers eleven market oriented degree programs directly fitting into the theme of value addition toward knowledge economy.

Evaluation of Capital Research Grants
Progress Report for Research Allowance/PG Research
Progress Report for Research Allowance/PG Research

University Clubs and Societies

Student services commit to provide student focused services. Accommodation, Sport and Well-being and Career Destinations are some of the services provided to the undergraduates since their first step to the university. The university supports student athletes both on and off the pitch, court, field, and track. As a part of the other activities of the undergraduates, UWU introduced “Glamouro”, a high profile event for first year students.

Social responsibilities

Annual Blood Donation camp

Exhibiting the passion for fulfilling the duties towards community, students organize the Blood Donation Camp with the patronage of Badulla Hospital annually.


The Uva Wellassa University will develop links and affiliations with organizations related to the disciplines of study at the University to enhance the value of academic experience imparted to the students. Further it will provide practical experience and opportunities to deal with society (farmers, private institutions, government institutions). The affiliations would no doubt bring value to such institutions as well. Particularly UWU would conduct research relevant to the institution and would thus provide high value services to society. The researchers in institutions would get the opportunity to share experience through teaching of students and enhance their knowledge.

We are currently in agreement with the following institutions;

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