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Dr. J. Siyambalapitiya
Director (CGU)

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The Career Guidance Unit of Uva Wellassa University was established on 18th July 2013 at the Space allocated to Mineral Resources Lab on temporary basis. The unit has office space, and a lecture room of 50 seating facility and Multimedia facility. The unit functions directly under the Vice Chancellor.
Vice chancellor of the university had given approval to appoint following human resources and provide physical and financial resources to establish the Unit and Director of the Career guidance was appointed September 02, 2013.

The Career Guidance Unit (CGU) was created with the following objectives:

• To develop relations between University and Employment Sector in a mutually beneficial way.
• To help undergraduates to choose and proceed on an optimal career path, based on the students ability, desire and available opportunities.
• To help undergraduates obtain an orientation to the employment sector and develop Transferable Skills such as effective communication skills, Leadership skills, Teamwork skills, and management skills so that they will become productive and efficient members of the work force.

To liaise with private and public sector organizations to find out about existing job opportunities, bring them to the notice of graduates and direct the most suitable applicants to the organization

Produce well-rounded graduates to become Entrepreneurial Manages.
Facilitating the undergraduates to develop skills, capabilities and positive attitudes to become Entrepreneurial Managers

Human Resources
Director – Career Guidance Unit
Career Guidance Counsellor
Computer Application Assistant (Operational Assistant)
Office Assistant

Physical Resources
Office space in a permanent space with adequate furniture and equipment
Separate room for Career Counselling
Lecturer room with following facilities – space with seating facility for 50 -100 students and adequate space to do group activities
Multimedia and sound facility
Computer with internet facilities
Telephone facility

Financial Resources
Adequate amount of financial support for Smooth function of the Career Guidance Unit
Training programmes, workshops and other activities plan to organize by the centre

According to the guidelines given by the UGC Circular No: 934. Following activities are carried out under Career Guidance Unit.
 Facilitating the young person’s transmission from school to university
 Counselling and advising careers
 Employability skills enhancement
 Career-related information provision
 Networking with industry
 Availing work experience
 Graduate placement
 Integration of Career Guidance within curricular in the form of instructional modules
 Entrepreneurship skills development
 Training, research and development