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Postgraduate Unit


Rasanga Samaraweera

Dr. Rasanga Samaraweera
Director (PGU)

Considering the emerging trends in the context of current scientific, technological, economic and socio- cultural conditions of the regional and global eduspheres, UWU realized the essentiality of an academic wing for the postgraduate education. The Postgraduate Unit (PGU) has taken basement strategies to carry out the tasks with the collaborations of the current Higher Degree Committees which are attached to the faculties of the university. It currently performs as a fully-fledged separate unit of the university and is governed by the Board of Graduate Studies. All Postgraduate Certificates, Postgraduate Diplomas, Master’s Degrees and Doctoral Degrees are formulated in accordance with the Sri Lanka Qualifications Framework by relevant Boards of Studies.

About the FHDC

Upon the approval of University Grants Commission, Faculty of Animal Science and Export Agriculture in year 2017, established the Faculty Higher Degree Committee in order to launch postgraduate degrees. The Faculty Higher Degree Committee of Faculty of Animal Science and Export Agriculture, currently have around 14 postgraduate students enrolled to undertake their MPhil by Research Degrees

Board of Studies

 Board of Study in Agricultural Production and Processing
1 Prof. D.K.D.D. Jayasena Chairman
2 Dr. P.E. Kaliyadasa Member
3 Dr. S.R.W.M.C.J.K. Ranawana Member
 Board of Study in Economics, Extension and Agribusiness Management
1 Dr. M.G.P.P. Mahindarathne Chairman
2 Dr. R.P.D. Gunathilaka Member
3 Dr. N.M.N. Nambapana Member
Board of Study in Aquaculture and Fisheries
1 Mr. N.P.P. Liyanage Chairman
2 Ms. G.G.N. Thushari Member
3 Mr. J.A. Athula Member
Board of Study in Food Science and Technology
1 Dr. D.C. Mudannayake Chairman
2 Prof. E.D.N.S. Abeyrathne Member
3 Dr. G.A.A.R. Perera Member

Available PG Degrees:

MPhil by Research and PhD


Physical Resources, FASEA

The Faculty of Animal Science and Export Agriculture currently comprised of 22 well equipped, state-of-the-art laboratories which facilitate practical and research opportunities with respect to different disciplines at undergraduate and postgraduate level. The laboratories belonging to the two departments of Faculty of Animal Science and Export Agriculture are given below.

Laboratories belongs to Department of Animal Science, FASEA

  • Dairy Processing and Research Laboratory
  • Meat Science and Research Laboratory
  • Protein Chemistry Laboratory
  • Sensory Evaluation Laboratory
  • General Laboratory
  • Aquaculture Laboratory
  • Feed and Nutrition Laboratory

Laboratories belongs to Department of Export Agriculture, FASEA

  • Advanced Microbiology Laboratory
  • Food Science Laboratory
  • Agriculture Chemistry Laboratory
  • Palm Technology Laboratory
  • Spice Technology Laboratory
  • Tea Process Technology and Tasting Laboratory
  • Postharvest Technology Laboratory
  • Agriculture System Laboratory
  • Biotechnology Laboratory
  • Crop Protection Laboratory
  • GIS and Remote Sensing Laboratory
  • Horticulture and Crop Physiology Laboratory
  • In-vitro Propagation Laboratory
  • Latex Technology Laboratory
  • Palm Technology Laboratory
  • Post-harvest Technology Laboratory
  • Soil and Water Laboratory
  • Spice Technology Laboratory
  • Tea Product Development Laboratory
  • Tea Technology Laboratory

Proposed MScprogrammes

  • Master of Science in Crop Production Technology
  • Master of Science in Food Quality Management
  • Master of Science in Agribusiness Management and Applied Economics

 Board of Study in Life Sciences
1 Dr. P.B. Rathnaweera Chairman
2 Prof. SisiraEdiriweera Member
3 Dr. I.D. Sinhalage Member
 Board of Study in Physical Sciences
1 Dr. K.W.S.N. Kumari Chairman
2 Dr. M.A.S.R. Senevirathna Member
3 Dr. M.A.R.L .Samaraweera Member
Board of Study in Earth Sciences
1 Dr. A.M.A.N.B. Attanayake Chairman
2 Dr. A.S. Rathnayake Member
3 Dr. N.P. Premachandra Member
4 Dr. I.D. Sinhalage Academic Coordinator
MSc in Environmental Technology & Management Degree Programme
Board of Study in Computer Sciences
1 Dr. E.M.U.W.J.B. Ekanayake Chairman
2 Dr. K.P.P.S. Pathirana Member
3 Ms.R.M.I.S.Ranasinghe Member

 Board of Study – Faculty of Management
1 Dr. Janaka Siyambalapitiya Chairman
2 Mr. M. Rubavathanan Head Dept of Public Administration
3 Dr. A.A.K.K. Jayawardhana Head Dept of English Language Teaching
4 Dr. J.P.R.CRanasinghe Head Dept of Tourism Studies
5 Ms. Y.M.C. Gunaratne Head Dept of Management Sciences Mr. N.P.RDeyshappriya
6 Mr. N.P.RDeyshappriya Member
7 Dr. N.C. Jayasinghe Member

Available Degrees

  • Doctor of Philosophy {PhD} – Enrolments throughout the year
  • Master of Philosophy {MPhil} by Research – Enrolments throughout the year
  • Master of Business Administration {MBA} – Course Work with a Research Component – Enrolments on October Semester


Educational facilities include buildings and equipment necessary for the effective and efficient operation of the study programs, such as classrooms, libraries, discussion rooms, space for physical education, restrooms, and specialized laboratories such as tourism laboratories, cafeterias, and media centres available for postgraduate studies at Faculty of Management.

Specific Details about higher degree culture

Graduate programmes being designed for students to undertake research, and to provide continuing education. BOS of Management Faculty successfully out reach of these activities to the highest standards, fostering and developing academic excellence across a wide range of management subjects.

Forthcoming programmes

  • MBA – First batch of students to kick-off – December 2020