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UWU-Integrated Community Development Project – “Agri Farm Clinic and Baseline Survey”

UWU-Integrated Community Development Project – “Agri Farm Clinic and Baseline Survey”
“Agri Farm Clinic and Baseline Survey”

Faculty of Animal Science and Export Agriculture, Uva Wellassa University  launched its ceremonial community participatory field programme of “Agri  Farm Clinic and Baseline Survey” under the direction of the UWU-Integrated  Community Development Project (UWU-ICDP) at Agrarian Services Center,  Kumbalwela on Wednesday the 17th August 2022. UWU-ICDP aims to foster a  steadfast relationship between Uva Wellassa University and Uva Agriculture  Community to generate mutual benefits in a sustainable manner. This event  was organized by the UWU-ICDP academic team of the Faculty of Animal Science  and Export Agriculture as an extension programme of Uva Agriculture  Development Forum (UADF) with the financial assistance of the AHEAD ELTA  ELSE DP Project. The event was attended by 25 undergraduates of the faculty together with staff members and over 32 officials of Uva Province-based  agricultural services providing public organizations such as the Department of  Agriculture – Uva Province, Department of Animal Production and Health – Uva  Province, Divisional Agrarian Development Center, Kumbalwela and Demo  Fertilizer Pvt. Ltd. Representing Department of Agriculture – Uva Province,  officers from Assistant Director Office of Agriculture (ADA) at Bandarawella, Uva  Provincial Inservice Training Institute and Beekeeping Development Unit at  Bidunuwawa, Regional Agricultural Research Center and Seed Certification and  Planting Material Development Unit at Kahagolla extended special technical  assistance. Over 120 small- medium- and large-scale farmers and farmer society  leaders engaging in crop cultivation and animal husbandry from Kumbalwela,  Halpe and Ella Agricultural Instructor ranges participated in this event.

Ms. R.M. Nilmini Renuka, Divisional Agrarian Development Officer, Agrarian  Service Center, Kumbalwela, welcomed the gathering at the inauguration  ceremony. Prof. Saman K. Herath, Dean, Faculty of Animal Science and Export  Agriculture gave an overview to the UWU-Integrated Community Development  Project. He also emphasized the expectations of Uva Wellassa University to  provide its services to the farming community, specially in Uva province and also  the establishment of the Uva Agriculture Development Forum to achieve such  objectives by the Faculty of Animal Science and Export Agriculture. Mrs. Ayesha  Gunawardena, Director, Department of Agriculture – Uva Province presented the  current status of agriculture in Uva province. She also appreciated the  importance of working collectively for serving to the agricultural community of  Uva Province. Dr. Lalith Amarathunga delivered the vote of thanks for having  introduced to the Agri Farm Clinic and Baseline Survey.

The integrated approach of the Agri Farm Clinic event facilitated the rural  farming community to access expert advice on soil health, cropping practices, plant protection, post-harvest technology, clinical services for animals, feed and  fodder management, value addition, exploring new market avenues, prices of  various crops in the market, training, and services such as a supply of quality  seeds and planting materials, farming instruments, etc. within one information  hub of Agrarian Services Center. Meanwhile, UWU academic staff and  undergraduates had an opportunity to identify the research needs on farmers’

problems and issues, and also the expertise of service providing organization to  focus farmer specific problems and provide viable solutions through one-to-one contact. Additionally, undergraduates engaged with the baseline survey in order  to gather information on the current socio-economic status of farmers, farm and  household-related data, and explore the opportunities for start-up  entrepreneurial agribusiness and value addition. This baseline information would be utilized for planning and developing strategies for establishing a “UWU Integrated Model Village” in Kumbalwela, Halpe, and Ella Agriculture Instructor  areas.

Some Events on Agri Farm Clinic & Baseline Survey

Banner on Model Village Concept

Farmers’ arrivals and Registration for the Program

Ceremonial opening of “Agri Farm Clinic and Baseline survey” remarking tradition of oil lamping by the Chief Guests of the event DEAN of FASEA, Head of EA, and Head of AS

Welcome address by Divisional Officer, Agrarian Service Center, Kumbalwela Addressing Chief Gust – Dean of Faculty of Animal Science and Export Agriculture and Uva Provincial Director of Agriculture

Invited Resources persons of Uva Province Agriculture Related Institute

Students conducting Baseline Survey

Farmers getting advice and gaining practical knowhow of management of bee-keeping

Farmers getting advice and gaining practical knowhow of management of bee-keeping

Scientists addressing the farmers’ problems and advising with viable solutions

Veterinary Scientists address the animal health and husbandry-related problems

Sharing University Expertise knowledge with farmers’ field experience

Farmers collecting seeds other planting materials, beekeeping instruments, boxes, and publications from the Agri Farm Clinic center.

Agri Farm Clinic organizers attending a media conference

Progress review of Agri Farm Clinic by gathering resource persons at summing up the session

Team of Agri Farm Clinic and Baseline Survey conducted at Kumbalewela Agrarian Service Center

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