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The team “Trash for Trade” won 4th place in the INSL program

The team “Trash for Trade” won 4th place in the INSL program

Uva Wellassa University of Sri Lanka is passionate to bring students to potential makers. For that, we are providing so many resources and opportunities exclusively. Under the provision of guidance from the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society UWUSL, A team called Trash for Trade participated in the INSL program and secured 4th place among 1346 startup ideas island-wide. 

IEEE Innovation Nation Sri Lanka is the largest platform for the business development for a startup or an idea.

Moreover, Trash for Trade is a plastic upcycling social business model. The vision of this community is to reduce plastic waste through an upcycling process. It is a social innovation idea developed from an Open Source community called “Precious Plastic”.

They collect plastic trash, divide, categories, shred and make upcycled remedies out of it. And sell it to the market. Through that, they can reduce plastic pollution and make other people aware. The simple and strong brainstormed idea brought pride to the team and our university. 

For more information reach their website:

We are congratulating them for their success and their startup.

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