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Opening the Smart Learning Environment of the Faculty of Management

Opening the Smart Learning Environment of the Faculty of Management

The Smart Learning Environment of the Faculty of Management (FOM) was ceremonially opened on the 5th April 2022 with the aim of facilitating the students of the faculty to use modern technology in their academic activities. The premises were declared open in the G block of UWU by the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Jayantha Lal Ratnasekera. Many other distinguished invitees, faculty members and students participated in this ceremony.

The facility consists of a smart classroom that can accommodate 75 students, a computer laboratory that can accommodate 65 students, an e-teaching studio, Faculty Career Guidance Center (FCGC), a project office and an Enterprise and Events Management Unit (EEMU) dedicated for event planning.

With the aim of promoting a novel learning experience where the undergraduates explore new knowledge with the assistance of smart digital technology that brings the globe to the classroom, the space is equipped with smart interactive boards, display screens, digital podiums and fast internet connections through cable and Wi-Fi. The facility has been equipped with electrical outlets for all its users to connect their personal laptops to power sources to ensure uninterrupted learning.

Taking into consideration that teaching and learning could be taxing, the facility has also been furnished to ensure comfort and relaxation. In order to facilitate collective learning, the classroom has been arranged in groups.

The Smart Learning Environment was built under Activity 02 of the AHEAD ELTA-ELSE Faculty Development Project and was funded by the AHEAD ELTA-ELSE Faculty Development grant won by the Faculty of Management. This activity was coordinated by the, Prof. P I N Fernando.

This project would not have been possible without the support and contribution of Mr. G. H. Abeyweera (Dean, FOM), Prof. PIN Fernando (Project Coordinator), Director of OTS Prof. Ruwan Ranasinghe, Mr. F.F.A. Farouk (Works Engineer), Mr. Thisara Perera (Network Administrator), Academic Staff of the Faculty of Management, TEC and Procurement committee members and the OTS staff.

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