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Department of Animal Science, UWU represents FIFA World Cup 2022

Department of Animal Science, UWU  represents FIFA World Cup 2022

Dr.Kaushalya Wijayasekara, a Senior Lecturer attached to the Department of Animal Science, Uva Wellassa University was privileged to be a part of the Food Safety team of FIFA World Cup 2022 which was held in Qatar. The Football World Cup is the most prestigious association football tournament in the world. This event is considered as the most widely viewed and followed single sporting event in the world. Dr Kaushalya was fortunate enough to secure a position in the Food Safety team at the largest stadium built in Qatar (Lusail stadium) where most important matches were played including the final with more than 80,000 seating capacity. This remarkable event took place in Qatar from 20th November to 18th December 2022, making it the first Football World Cup held in a Middle East country.

To represent such an event, it requires a higher-level of a competency which could address any food safety issue at every node from manufacturing & production, packing & transportation, importation & customs clearance, storage & warehousing, inventory & distribution, and to preparation & service.

Extra measures had been in place at all borders to ensure food safety by using proper inspection, supervision, and training. Dr.Kaushalya Wijayasekara had engaged in training food handlers, food safety and hygiene inspection and supervision throughout the FIFA world cup.

This engagement has been such an extraordinary moment for the Uva Wellassa University as Dr. Kaushalya Wijayasekara is not only a Senior Lecturer but also a graduate of Bachelor of Animal Science degree program of Uva Wellassa University. The knowledge and experience she gained through this event shall unquestionably be an asset for our university, especially the students.

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