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Journal Policies

Review Policy

A peer review system involving two is used to ensure high quality of manuscripts accepted for publication.

Plagiarism Policy

The journal is strictly against any unethical act of copying or plagiarism in any form. All manuscripts submitted for publication to journal are cross-checked for plagiarism. 

Manuscripts found to be plagiarized during initial stages of review are out-rightly rejected if percentage of plagiarism is higher than the 25% and not considered for publication in the journal. Accepted limit of the plagiarism of the Journal of Management and Tourism Research is 12%.

In case a manuscript is found to be plagiarized after publication, the Editor-in-Chiefwill conduct preliminary investigation, may be with the help of a suitable committee constituted for the purpose. 

The Journal of Management and Tourism Research do not take any responsibility regarding plagiarism issues raised out of any article.However, if any plagiarized article published by mistake, it will be deleted from the e-version of the journal.

Copyright Policy

Authors should be followed applicable copyright laws and conventions. Copyright material should be reproduced only with appropriate permission and acknowledgement. Relevant previous work and publications, both by other researchers and the authors’ own, should be properly acknowledged and referenced. 

Copy rights of the published papers are with the authors and Journal of Management and Tourism Research takes the responsibility of publishing the manuscript only. Editors of Journal of Tourism and Management Research is devoted not to make any kind of discrimination to the authors. 

Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content.Articles can be searched, read, downloaded, printed, and linked, to the full texts or use for any other lawful purpose which is non-commercial as long as suitable citation and acknowledgment is made. The cost for publication, archiving and editorial functions are borne by the faculty of management, UvaWellassa University. 

Errata and Retraction Policy

An erratum refers to a correction of errors introduced to the article by the publisher.

All publisher-introduced changes are highlighted to the author at the proof stage and any errors are ideally identified by the author and corrected by the publisher before final publication.
Authors who notice an error should contact the Editor in Chief of the journal.

Archiving Policy

Journal of Management and Tourism Research (JMTR) recognizes the valid concerns of authors, readers, librarians and others regarding the need for long-term preservation and access to scholarly research as publishing moves into the online era. Our policy addresses this question of archiving directly and honestly.

In addition to affirming our position regarding archiving, the policy we have developed responds to library concerns about the print era concept of ‘subscription’ meaning ownership being replaced in the online era by the meaning access for a defined period of time. The policy recognizes the impractical challenge to a publisher to retain records of who subscribed to which volumes of a journal for all time, and permits libraries to acquire their own electronic collection of page images of JMTR journals.


Data Set Policy

Scientific results are only as strong as they are reproducible, being able to identify and use research data is vital to building knowledge. To help make all scientific data more transparent, Journal of Management and Tourism Research encourage authors to state the availability of their data. With the data statement, authors can be transparent about the data they used in an article and make a statement about its availability together with their published article.

Benefits for authors and readers:

  • Increases transparency
  • Allows compliance with data policies.
  • Encourages good scientific practice and encourages trust