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Faculty Awards are awarded to the best five outstanding students of each academic programme in the Faculty, at the end of each academic year. This scheme of award is introduced to recognize highly motivated students who are equally talented in academic and extracurricular activities. Apart from academic merit, other areas of consideration are;
 Exceptional leadership
 Community service and good studentship
 Outstanding talents in fields of sports
 Creativity and exceptional ability in aesthetic or technical fields
 Research or pursuing new knowledge

Application Procedure
• The Dean of the faculty shall call for applications at the end of an academic year.
• Any student who believes that he/she is eligible should submit an application for the Faculty Awards.
• This application form will serve as a tool of assessment against established evaluation criteria.
• Application forms shall be available at Dean’s office and can be downloaded from University website.
• Students shall submit certified copies of all the documentary evidence with the application.
• Students shall submit their applications through their Mentors/Academic Advisers who shall certify the contents of the applications.
• Students shall prepare and participate for an interview if the selection panel requests.

Eligibility Requirements
• The applicant should be an undergraduate student registered to follow any degree programme offered by the Faculty.
• The applicant shall have completed all the academic requirements of the considered year including all the compulsory courses.
• The applicant shall have a GPA of 3.30 or above in each semester

Ineligible Students
• Any student who obtains an improved grade/grades subsequently, by repeating a module/modules shall not be eligible.
• Any student on whom disciplinary action has been taken by the Vice Chancellor/University for any misconduct shall not be eligible.
• Any applicant having less than 70% of the total marks for the application will not be considered for evaluation
Selection Criterion
Best five students from each academic programme will be selected at the end of each academic year.
Academic achievements (60%)
Applicants who have obtained above 3.30 GPA will be considered for evaluation .The marks of a particular GPA will be evaluated as
Marks of the Applicant = (GPA of the Applicant/4.00)*60

Extracurricular activities (40%)
Any achievement considered under this category should be within the period of academic programme and can be recounted in consecutive years throughout the programme.

Special Benefits to the Students
• Faculty Award placement will be noted on the Academic Transcript.
• A certificate signed by the Vice Chancellor and Dean will be issued to the student.
• Students will be given an opportunity to serve as Student Ambassadors who will extend their support to quality assurance activities of the Faculty and represent the University in national events when requested by the Vice Chancellor.