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Research Grants


The University shall make available requisite adequate resources to enable the carrying out of its research agenda. Research funds shall normally be available to researchers through a competitive process outlined by UWU. Faculties shall open separate research accounts to administer research funds.

To initiate, facilitate and support basic and applied scientific research conducted by the academia of Uva Wellassa University focusing on value addition to the national resources so as to contribute to the economic development of Sri Lanka.

a) Only members of the permanent Academic/Administrative staff of the University shall be eligible to apply for University funded Research Grants. b) Each staff member shall be entitled to only one grant at a time as the Principal Investigator (PI) or Chief Investigator (CI). However, a staff member who has obtained a University funded Research Grant and is the PI may in addition function as a Collaborator in another Research Project/s funded by the University. c) If an applicant in a particular Department of study wishes to conduct a collaborative study with a member from another Department in the University, both Heads of Departments shall recommend the application for the relevant Research Grant. However, all equipment purchased under the grant shall be taken into the inventory of the Department to which the Principal Investigator belongs. d) The expected contribution of each collaborator should be indicated in the application of the research grant, as appropriate. Guidelines for Providing Research Grants Application Form for UWU Research Grants Bi-annual Progress Report for UWU Research Grants


The external sources of funding research will include: a) Funds through the Ministry of Higher Education: b) Funds through Ministries other than the Ministry of Higher Education; c) Non-governmental grants (NGO, Private Sector); d) Regional and international funding, and e) Royalty disbursement as stipulated in the UWU-IPR policy