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Faculty Board

Subject to the rules and the resolutions of the University Council and Senate, the Faculty Board is the management and administrative committee for effective and smooth functioning of the Faculty. According to the University Act 1978, the Faculty Board shall exercise, perform and discharge the following powers, duties and functions:

• To consider and report on any matter referred to it by the Senate;
• Subject to the control of the Senate, to regulate matters connected with teaching, examinations and research in the Departments of Study in the Faculty;
• To present recommendations and reports to the Senate on all matters connected with the courses of study and examinations in the Faculty;
• To appoint committees, which may include persons other than members of the Faculty, for the purpose of considering and reporting on any special subject or subjects; and
• To recommend to the Senate, persons suitable for appointment as examiners.

Faculty Board of FASEA is comprised of following members;

• The Dean of the Faculty (Chairperson)
• Two Heads of the Departments
• All Permanent and Confirmed Academic Staff Members of the Two Departments
• Two Members Elected by the Lecturers (Probationary) of the Faculty from among such Lecturers
• Assistant Registrar (Secretary)
• Three outside members elected by the Faculty Board of FASEA from among persons of eminence in the areas of study relevant to the Faculty.
• Two Students elected by the students of the Faculty from among their numbe
• Librarian of the University (On invitation)