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Aquatic Resources Technology Degree Program


Aquatic Resources Technology Degree program fulfills the long felt need of scientists and entrepreneurs engaged in development, management and production of value added aquatic products in Sri Lanka. Being an Island surrounded by the Indian ocean and being endowed with numerous water bodies of various dimensions which amounts to 1/3 of the land area, the country is rich in sea water, brackish water and freshwater which could be utilized for development of careers based on aquatic resources.

Diverse aquatic resources both living and non-living are available in the country which could be developed into money making machines for Sri Lanka if added value. The syllabus was prepared by consulting eminent scientists, industrialists, academics etc. to cater to the demand by understanding the trends and demands of the sector.

The degree program aims to produce well-rounded leaders capable of using scientific and technological approaches to develop aquatic resources in Sri Lanka, to expose them to the latest and advanced global technologies and cater to the global and regional demands in the sector through production of novel value added products.

Program Attributes

  • Provision of up to date knowledge on aquatic resources and application of novel technologies of value addition to improve quality of various aquatic resources.
  • Provision of Essential Skills required to follow the degree during the first two years.
  • Provision of a Broad General Education which will expose students to a wide spectrum of knowledge.
  • Provision of real world experience through industrial training.
  • Training in research methodology and conducting a research project in the relevant field.
  • Introduction to incubation projects related to aquatic resources

Graduate Attributes

  • Possessed of a thorough knowledge on identifying, enhancing, managing aquatic resources and development of export oriented products through value addition. This is achieved by exposing them to both theoretical and practical aspects of the subject and comprehensive training in industries and conducting a research project.
  • Identify, survey and quantify the aquatic resources in freshwater, brackish water and marine ecosystems.
  • Enhance, develop and manage the aquatic stocks.
  • Planning. developing and executing local, national and regional policies on aquatic resources and regulations concerned