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Guidelines to Protect Yourself from Covid-19 Infection

1. Avoid social gatherings
2. Avoid using public transport as much as possible
3. Stay away from people coming from abroad
4. Don’t go to hospitals for trivial conditions, try to control at home with remedies like koththamalli or simple medicines like Paracetamol.
5. Limit going to hospitals to visit patients
6. Take a balanced diet and plenty of fluids to improve immunity .
7. Wash your hands before eating and after contact with people with risk.
8. Use face masks whenever you cant maintain a social distance of 1-3 meters
9. Avoid physical contacts with anybody except your family members.

Special Instructions

  • During this vacation do you have contacts with people coming from foreign countries especially from high risk countries for covid 19?
  • Do you have any  family member- father, mother, brother, sister or any other person coming straight from a high risk country and staying at your home
  • Did you participate in any trips during last 2 weeks?
  • Did you participate in any social gatherings during last 2 weeks?
  • Do you have close contacts with people coming from high risk countries?
  • Do you suffer from fever cough or cold?

Please get health advise