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Deliciosa 2023 : UWU’s 11th Annual Food Festival Celebrates Culinary Creativity

Deliciosa 2023 : UWU’s 11th Annual Food Festival Celebrates Culinary Creativity

The 11th Annual Food Festival, orchestrated by enterprising undergraduates specializing in Food Engineering and Bioprocess Technology within the Science and Technology degree program at Uva Wellassa University of Sri Lanka, was a harmonious blend of academia and gastronomy. This captivating food festival, aptly named Deliciosa 2023, unfolded on the vibrant grounds of Uva Wellassa University. It was a celebration of culinary creativity, where science and taste collided in delightful harmony. The festival’s grandeur was further elevated by the presence of our esteemed chief guest, Professor Kolitha Bandara Wijesekara, the Vice Chancellor of our university. His visionary leadership and passion for education resonated with the spirit of Deliciosa 2023. Our esteemed chief guest, Professor Kolitha Bandara Wijesekara, the Vice Chancellor of our university, not only graced the festival with his presence but also ignited its inception. It was under his visionary leadership that the seeds of this gastronomic celebration were sown.

This food festival’s roots trace back to a simpler time when corn reigned supreme. In its nascent years, students crafted delightful dishes using corn as their muse. The inaugural festival bore the moniker of the Corn Festival, celebrating this humble grain. But like any good recipe, Deliciosa evolved. Soon, students embraced a cornucopia of ingredients, transforming the festival into a vibrant canvas of flavors.

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The festival wasn’t just about food, it was a sensory journey. Fragrant aromas wafted through the air, and vibrant colors adorned every plate. The culinary canvas at Deliciosa 2023 was adorned with savory delights. The students showcased their mastery in creating savory wonders. Each bite was a harmonious blend of spices and textures, celebrating the rich tapestry of global cuisines. Dessert enthusiasts rejoiced as the festival unfolded. Deliciosa 2023 featured an array of sweet temptations from “Waraka” pudding, a variety of jam, “Waraka” ice cream to decadent chocolate yogurts. The students’ creativity knew no bounds, as they transformed natural ingredients into confections that danced on taste buds.

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Live music performances and food-themed art installations added to the festive ambiance. As the sun dipped below the horizon, students reflected on their culinary odyssey. Driven by passion and guided by coursework, they had not only created delicious dishes but also fostered a sense of community. The heartfelt appreciation goes to the esteemed Head of the Department Prof. Amila Henagamage and the dedicated Coordinator Dr. Nalaka P. Sumanarathna, whose unwavering guidance and support were instrumental in making Deliciosa 2023 a resounding success. The food festival served as a reminder that Science and Technology extend far beyond textbooks. In the spirit of collaboration, the organizers, participants, and everyone made the 11th Science and Technology Food Festival a resounding success.

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Undergraduates showcased their culinary prowess, transforming natural ingredients into delectable value-added food products. Second-year, third-year, and fourth-year students collaborated passionately, infusing their scientific knowledge with culinary artistry. From chemistry to flavor profiles, they harnessed their coursework insights to craft innovative dishes. The festival buzzed with excitement as each food item offered a unique gastronomic experience. The festival’s theme centered around sustainability and the use of locally sourced ingredients. Visitors marveled at dishes crafted from organic produce, wild herbs, and indigenous spices. Attendees not only savored the flavors but also delved into the science behind them. Interactive food items explored food chemistry, food preservation techniques, value-adding and commercialization. From molecular gastronomy to food preservation, the festival bridged the gap between the lab and the kitchen.

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The heart of any great dish lies in its sauces and dipping. At Deliciosa, students concocted tangy tamarind sauce, curry leaves sauce, and mushroom sauce. These flavor enhancers elevated every morsel, turning ordinary bites into extraordinary experiences. The main dishes at Deliciosa spanned continents. Jack fruit pasta, drumstick extract noodles, and chickpea Kottu graced the tables. Amidst the culinary frenzy, one common thread united all dishes, natural ingredients. Students championed sustainability, sourcing fresh produce, herbs, and spices. The avocado seed cookies, pumpkin cakes, and tamarind sauces all born from nature’s bounty stood as testaments to their commitment.

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