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International Research Conference 2019

International Research Conference 2019

The International research conference of Uva Wellassa University 2019 was held on 7th and 8th of February 2019 under the theme of “Sustainable Business Transition through Technology and Innovations” at the Uva Wellassa University premises which was organized by Faculty of Management. The inaugural session of the International Research Conference 2019 was presided by the Vice Chancellor of Uva Wellassa University, Prof. J.L. Ratnasekera.

Further the Scientific forum was dignified by the presence of Guest of Honour, Senior Prof. H.H.D.N.P. Opatha and Prof. Noel Scott. In additional the Scholarly keynote speech of Prof. Shuichi Asakawa on “A Novel Strategy for Genome Analysis of Non-Model Sexually Reproducing Organisms” and Dr. Karin Müller on “The Natural Capital Value of Soil: Soil Carbon, Architecture and Water Repellency” made this event treasured. The inaugural session was followed by a plenary session where two distinguished guest speakers Senior Prof. H.H.D.N.P. Opatha delivered speech on Sustainability and Organizational Ethics: An Innovative Management Thinking” and Professor Noel Scott on “Tourism – Technology and Innovation”.

There were over 800 participants which includes Chairpersons, Panel Members, Presenters, Invitees and Uva Wellassa University Staff. It was notable that over 45 foreigners participated in the Event from Australia, New Zealand, Japan and India. The International Research Conference 2019 consisted of 18 tracks under different thematic areas where 592 papers were presented under Oral (358) and Poster (234) presentations which followed after the plenary session. The events on 7th February, 2019 of International Research Conference concluded with the Conference Dinner and Cultural Show which was held at River Side Hotel, Badulla.

The Second day of International Research Conference commenced with the technical sessions both oral and poster presentations in parallel manner. The panel discussion was conducted from 9.30 am to10.45 am for Faculty of Management, Faculty of Science and Technology, Faculty of Animal Science and Export Agriculture and Library Science and Information Management on Sustainable Tourism Development in Sri Lanka, Current Research and Development Trends of Nanotechnology in Material and Mineral based Industry in Sri Lanka, Effects of Climate Change on Agriculture and Sri Lanka’s Published and Indexed Research Profile; Opportunities and Missing Link respectively. Thereafter parallel technical sessions followed and all presenters were awarded with the participation certificates for their scholarly contribution for the International Research Conference 2019.

Closing Ceremony of the International Research Conference held after the end of the parallel technical sessions. The four Scientific Presentations were conducted by the Uva Wellassa University Academics and the session was chaired by the Vice Chancellor, Prof. J. L. Ratnasekera. Followed by Scientific presentation, the awarding ceremony was held where the best oral and poster presenters were awarded with certificates and medals. Further Research Awards for Uva Wellassa University Academic staffs who published their research works in Indexed, Non-Indexed journals and had highest number of citations for the year 2017 were awarded. In Addition, the awards for the most outstanding Young and Senior researcher of the year 2017 were awarded.

Conference Tour was successfully organized on February 09, 2019 to Mahiyangana Temple, Dambana Indigenes Community Village and Sorabora Irrigation Project. A group of 30 particpants including keynote speaker, Invitees and authors participated in this tour. Cultural show at Dambana was the remarkable event during the Conference Tour.

Best Presenters Awards

Aquaculture & Fisheries

Track – Aquaculture & Fisheries
Best Oral Presenter – L.D. Gayathry
Best Poster Presenter – K.P.R.S. Kondasinghe

Biodiversity & Conservation

Track – Biodiversity & Conservation
Best Oral Presenter – K.P.U.T. Egadauyana
Best Poster Presenter – S.K. Senadeera

Bioprocess Technology

Track – Bioprocess Technology
Best Oral Presenter – T.A.R.W.M.C.G. Bandara
Best Poster Presenter – J.M.N.M. Jayasundara

Computing & Information Sciences

Track – Computing & Information Sciences
Best Oral Presenter – C.H.V. Sapumohotti
Best Poster Presenter – M.A.S. Suranga

Entrepreneurial Agriculture

Track – Entrepreneurial Agriculture
Best Oral Presenter – W.K.G. Perera
Best Poster Presenter – R.I.U. Premarathne

Entrepreneurship & Organizational Development

Track – Entrepreneurship & Organizational Development
Best Oral Presenter – D.H.V. Isharika
Best Poster Presenter – U.B.G.S. Samudika

Environmental Sciencet

Track – Environmental Science
Best Oral Presenter – G.H.S.D. Jayasekara
Best Poster Presenter – P.M.P.N. Wickramasooriya

Food Science & Technology Session

Track – Food Science & Technology Session I
Best Oral Presenter – P.G.I. Dias

Track – Food Science & Technology Session II
Best Oral Presenter – S. Thivijan

Best Poster Presenter – R.A.G.C.M. Nawarathne

Genetics & Biotechnology

Track – Genetics & Biotechnology
Best Oral Presenter – I.H.M.I.S. Herath
Best Poster Presenter – G.H.N. Maheepala

Hospitality & events management

Track – Hospitality & events management
Best Oral Presenter – D.M.C.D. Dissanayake
Best Poster Presenter – M.G.N. Dilhani

Humanities & Social Sciences

Track – Humanities & Social Sciences Session I
Best Oral Presenter – M. Hapugoda

Track – Humanities & Social Sciences Session II
Best Oral Presenter – Janitha Ekanayake

Best Poster Presenter – D.S. Munasinghe

Library Science & Information Management

Track – Library Science & Information Management
Best Oral Presenter – Gururaj Hadagali

Marketing, Accounting & Finance

Track – Marketing, Accounting & Finance
Best Oral Presenter – J.S.D.M.L. Dilhani
Best Poster Presenter – M.S. Kumanayake

Material & Mineral Sciences

Track – Material & Mineral Sciences
Best Oral Presenter – I.L.C.S. Wickramarathna
Best Poster Presenter – I.U. Janedura

Mechanical Engineering & Mechatronics

Track – Mechanical Engineering & Mechatronics
Best Oral Presenter – P.A. Hewapathirana
Best Poster Presenter – D.L.S.K. Wijesinghe

Sustainable Crop Production Technology

Track – Sustainable Crop Production Technology
Best Oral Presenter – K.M.R.D. Abhayapala
Best Poster Presenter – M. Sukanya

Sustainable Animal Production Technology

Track – Sustainable Animal Production Technology
Best Oral Presenter – W.V.C.H. Chathurika
Best Poster Presenter – N.N. Abesekara

Travel & Tourism

Track – Travel & Tourism
Best Oral Presenter – W.H.M.S. Samarathunga
Best Poster Presenter – S. Jassintha

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