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Development of UBL in Uva Province

Development of UBL in Uva Province

A workshop targeting to develop and promote University Business Linkages (UBL) was conducted during September 10 – 13, 2015 with collaboration of GIZ Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Development Programme. Having approved by the University Grant Commission of Sri Lanka, Mr. Alfredo Suvelza who is a GOPA/GIZ expert on SME Development as well as a Lecturer from Leipzig University, Germany contributed to the workshop with his experience related to such activities as one of the Resource Personnel in Europe. The workshop was commenced with ‘Information Session’ that was especially oriented to Deans and Registrar of the University. Multi-Tech Solutions (Pvt) Ltd. acted as the logistic facilitator for this programme.
The main role of UBL Unit, which is to be formally established in the University, will coordinate and act as the interface with private sector of Uva region. A number of functions such as facilitation, support, analysis, negotiation, strategy design, organization, documentation, planning and monitoring of UBL portfolio, etc. was identified as the future responsibilities. A well established UBL Unit will produce benefits based on (a) increasing efficiency and effectiveness of UBL related activities, (b) commercialization of research & development outputs, (c) organization of services involving revenues or exchange, and (d) innovative income/compensation-generating business models, in a future agenda. Also, under the same condition, the University expects to meet following objectives through this UBL Unit.

- To promote industries through improvement of quality of products and services.
- To reduce the migration of (young) people from Uva region to other areas.
- To transfer technology to the SME sector of the region.
- To contribute to the local/regional economy.

Uva, Northern and Eastern provinces of the country have been selected for developing this University Business Linkages giving more emphasis on the SMEs. Accordingly, Uva Wellassa University will cover Uva Province with respect to the given task. As initiation, the UBL Unit will work on 15 selected projects that directly address the issues of selected SMEs in Uva region. Representing all three Faculties, 12 Lectures were nominated and attended for the workshop: Dr. H.M.S.K. Herath, Dr. (Ms.) L.M.H.R. Alwis, Dr. E.D.N.S. Abeyrathne, Dr. H.M.J.C. Pitawala, Dr. A.P. Henagamage, Mr. K.M.M.B. Kulathunga, Mr. C.J.P. Kulathilake, Ms. Y.M.C. Gunaratne, Ms. A.A.K.A. Damanupola, Mr. T. Kartheeswaran, Ms. R.M.P.S. Rathnayake, and Mr. H.M.S.N. Ariyadasa. Beside, three members from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uva Province also took part in certain sessions of the workshop, as identified. Dr. Herath, the Co-ordinator for UBL Unit of Uva Wellassa University organised the workshop with Collaboration of GIZ SME Development Programme and Multi-Tech Solutions (Pvt) Ltd.

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