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Master of Information Technology

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About the Programme

The Master of Information Technology (MIT) offered by the Postgraduate Unit of Uva Wellassa University is UGC recognized SLQF Level 9 postgraduate degree. The duration is one (01) year, mostly a coursework-based (33 Credits) programme, consists of a Capstone Project of 5 credits. The entry qualification is any Bachelors’ Degree fulfills with SLQF Level 5 requirements. Lectures will be conducted during the weekends, via online mode. The medium of instructions is English.

The program provides competency-based curriculum, which characterized knowledge, skills and disposition, and which is essential, as many of the MIT graduates enter industry or workplaces. Further, this program provides opportunities for non-IT graduates or graduates with limited experience in IT to master in the discipline. Also, it provides opportunities for IT professionals to enhance and apply their skills within emerging technology driven growth areas including education, health, communications, business and entrepreneurship.

More formally, the objectives and the graduate profile of the program are as follows;

Objectives of the Degree Programme:

  • To develop the critical IT knowledge required for the candidates’ current profession or the profession he/she intends to engage in.
  • To develop disciplines in information technology, which the candidates have not covered in their first degrees.
  • To provide in-depth analytical thinking power required for designing, developing and implementing real world IT solutions for prevailing issues.
  • To provide IT graduates with the attitudes to take on appropriate professional positions in Information Technology and grow into leadership positions or pursue research or graduate studies in the field.
  • To enhance self-learning through problem solving and training, and encourage graduates to continue lifelong studies in the discipline.

Attributes of Qualification Holders

The graduates of the MIT degree programme:

  • should be able to exhibit the engrained IT knowledge expanded through the academic programme.
  • should be self-confident regarding the cognizance of current issues in the IT arena.
  • should apply appropriate IT-related techniques to solve problems.
  • should also be able to cope with complex and stochastic scenarios, make valid judgments and suggest IT-based sustainable solutions to solve problems and communicate the outcomes to others without any ambiguity.
  • should demonstrate the professionalism and self-reliant capacities in planning and solving problems encountered in IT context while preserving the originality.

Programme Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

  • Demonstrate a comprehensive & functional level of IT knowledge with all-encompassing understanding in the IT concepts.
  • Critically analyze, organize data in a systematic manner, ability to tackle dynamic, stochastic and complex scenarios, make valid judgments and propose IT-based sustainable solutions to solve real-world and industrial problems.
  • Effectively utilize the practical knowledge in IT gained through the programme and use appropriate analytical and programming techniques for problem solving while demonstrating self-direction with confidence.
  • Demonstrate awareness of the recent developments in the rapidly changing IT industry and improve verbal communication and technical writing skills to fit the industry requirements.
  • Exhibit the leadership and instill entrepreneurship skills in professional environment and having realistic strategic plans to achieve long-term goals
  • Accordingly, at professional and managerial levels while being accountable for personal and social responsibilities.
  • Effectively use information usage and management thorough in transferable skills and information literacy with the capability of organizing data.
  • Engage in diversified capacities in IT industry; being an active team member and a leader while promoting social and professional development.
  • Demonstrate positive attitudes and social responsibility.
  • Well-define lifelong goals for the self and for the advancement of the society.
  • Continuously seeking for opportunities to undertake training for the further advancement of knowledge and to develop additional skills while demonstrating skills in independent learning using scholarly reviews and secondary sources of information for continuous professional development.

Entry Qualification

The candidate should have at least one qualification in the following categories.

  • A Degree from a recognized University or
  • Any other academic or professional qualification judged equivalent to a Degree by the Senate of the Uva Wellassa University of Sri Lanka and the recommendation of the UGC.

Course Structure

Semester Course Unit / Module Code Course Unit or Module Name Credit Value (Compulsory /Optional)
Semester I MIT 111 Information Technology Fundamentals 1 Compulsory
MIT 122 Programming Fundamentals and Algorithms 2 Compulsory
MIT 123 Mathematics for IT 2 Compulsory
MIT 124 Statistics for IT 2 Compulsory
MIT 125 Object Oriented Analysis and Design 2 Compulsory
MIT 126 Database Management Systems 2 Compulsory
MIT 117 Topics in IT Ethics 1 Elective
MIT 128 Systems Administration and Maintenance 2 Elective
MIT 129 Management Information Systems 2 Elective
MIT 1210 IT Project Management 2 Compulsory
Semester II MIT 221 Data Mining and Applications 2 Compulsory
MIT 222 Information Assurance and Security 2 Compulsory
MIT 223 Object Oriented Programming 2 Compulsory
MIT 224 Web Systems and Technologies 2 Compulsory
MIT 225 Data Communication and Computer Networks 2 Compulsory
MIT 226 Android App Development 2 Elective
MIT 227 Business Process Management 2 Elective
MIT 218 Wireless Networking Concepts 1 Elective
MIT 259 Supervised Independent Study (Capstone Project) 5 Compulsory

Fees Description For Local Students
For Foreign Students
Tuition fees Total Amount 175,000.00 799
Installment One  (at Registration) 100,000.00 499
Installment Two (at the beginning of the 2nd semester) 75,000.00 300
Other Fees Application Processing Fee 2,000.00 10
Registration Fee 5,000.00 25
Refundable Library Deposit 5,000.00 25

Registration Process

The first installment of the tuition fee, registration fee, and refundable library deposit amount to a total of Rs 110,000. Please make the payment to the following account:

Bank: Bank of Ceylon – Super Grade
Branch: Badulla
Account Number: 86977531
Beneficiary: Uva Wellassa University

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Key Information

SLQF Level :
01 Year
Medium of Instruction:
Tuition Fee:
LKR 175,000.00 / 799 USD
Dr. Suneth Pathirana
Mobile : +94 77 777 7682
Email :