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Uva Wellassa University and Trier University

In accordance with a mutual desire to promote academic cooperation between Uva Wellassa University and Trier University of Applied Science, the two institutions have agreed to cooperate under given terms of the Memorandum of Understanding signed between.
The two institutions agree to promote the following activities to enhance each other’s
educational, academic, and research activities:

- Exchange of Faculty members and researchers;
- Exchange of students;
- Exchange of information and academic resources that are of mutual interest;
- Activities such as collaborative research, joint symposia, and exchange lectures.

Matters pertaining to the implementation of the exchange based on this agreement are negotiated and agreed upon by the representatives of the two parties.

Trier University of Applied Sciences

trier university

Trier University of Applied Sciences

Uva Wellassa University and Asian Institute of Technology

This Memorandum of Understanding has been drawn up and agreed upon to establish the cooperation between the Uva Wellassa University and the Asian Institute of Technology. The purpose of this agreement is to enable the cooperation between Uva Wellassa University and Asian Institute of Technology to strengthen the relationship between the two institutions by developing collaboration in academic, research training, Faculty development, joint student activities and other related activities mutually agreed upon by the parties.

The activities or programs to be performed under this agreement stated herein would be
related but not limited to:

- Creating collaborative research in specific fields of mutual interest;
- Developing Faculties of Uva Wellassa University through Master and Doctoral degrees with partial Asian Institute of Technology fellowship;
- Organizing jointly, International Workshops, Conferences, Seminars, and Symposia focusing on Science and Technology development in the regions;
- Conducting joint training programs;
- Creating Faculty and student exchange programs; and bidding for International Educational projects jointly

Asian Institute of Technology


Asian Institute of Technology