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Frequently Ask Questions

Frequently Ask Question for Student Enrollment

We receive some questions via e-mails and phone calls regarding student enrolment year 2018/2019 batch. We have provided answers to some of these frequently asked questions. If you have a question which is not in this section, please contact us.

What is the deadline of sending the enrollment documents?

The deadline for sending the enrollment documents via email on or before 9/July/2021.

Should I come for enrollment to the University?

The university has decided to obtain the documents via email; hence you are hereby requested to send the following documents via email to “” as a “reply”.

What is the academic year batch?

As per your 2019 G.C.E. (Advanced Level), the University Grants Commission allocated you under 2019/2020 academic year. Which is called as “2019/2020 academic year batch”.

What is my academic year during my studies at the university?

Even though you are “2019/2020 academic year batch”, the university has a separate academic year for its academic activities. Which is called “Academic Year 2021/2022”.

What are the documents should I send before enrollment?

  1. Duly completed Application for Enrollment of New Entrants – (UWU/SA/R/01)
  2. Duly completed Application for Hostel Accommodation (if required) – (UWU/SA/R/02)
  3. Duly completed Declaration Form – (UWU/SA/R/05)
  4. Enrollment fee (as mentioned in the Application for Enrollment)
  5. Carbon copy of the payment voucher issued by the bank should be attached

How can I handover the duly completed documents?

The university has decided to obtain the documents via email, hence you are hereby requested to send the documents via email to “” as a “reply”. on or before 09/07/2021.

To whom should I contact when any clarification is raised?

If any queries, refer or please contact the Senior Assistant Registrar, Student Affairs Division of the University on 055-2226622 or 055-3050886 during office hours.

What will happen if my application is NOT duly completed?

if you fail to send the required documents before the deadline indicated above, it will be presumed that you do not have interest to follow the degree programme at Uva Wellassa University of Sri Lanka and action would be taken to inform the UGC accordingly.

After an enrollment what will happen?

If the enrollment application is found correct and completed after examining the enrollment application, the university will create an email account for you. Further instruction will be displayed on the university website ( Details about your integration programme, English and IT courses i.e. date, time will be notified via the university website.

Therefore, you are kindly requested to check our website frequently for future announcements.

When will the academic activities commence for us?

The academic activities will commence after the decision made by the Sri Lanka Government, University Grants Commission and after, the University will make a decision. The date of commencement will be informed on

General Frequently Ask Question

We receive a large number of questions per day via e-mails and phone calls regarding the Uva Wellassa University. We have provided answers to some of these frequently asked questions. If you have a question which is not in this section, please contact us.

Where is UWU ?

It is in Badulla about 2.5km from the town up on the road to Passara, in a beautiful salubrious location in the hills. See Google Map.

When was it started?

UWU was gazeted in June 2005 and the founder Vice Chancellor is Chandra Embuldeniya appointed in July 2005. Foundation stone was laid on 7 Aug 2005 and the first intake of students was in July 2006 while the first lecture was held on 7 Aug 2006 in a newly built auditorium.

How many students?

550 students out of more than 10,000 applicants have been selected in each year for thirteen (13) degree programs.

Is UWU different to other universities?

Yes, because it is producing graduates for market needs and ready for employment in the private sector companies. Basically they acquire essential skills and broad knowledge needed to excel in a competitive environment as part of their core learning experience. These students learn value addition to the national resources base. The university is an entrepreneurial university and all our students become entrepreneurial, which means they can be employed by the private sector lucratively or they can start businesses on their own. The university delivers interdisciplinary courses meeting the needs of market economy. As such the university has dismantled the silo barriers presented in traditional universities. UWU is also placing students in the corporate sector for gaining industrial training and assess their performance during these placements.

What type of students do you get?

Our students are very much focused on studies and do not have time or desire to engage in activities unproductive in nature for healthy development. They follow the students code of conduct and follow the principles laid down as a UWU Family.

Is there ragging?

Absolutely no ragging here. Discipline here is so different to other universities where ragging is concerned. If any student is found to have abused another student in so much as by calling a fellow student with hurtful words the complaints will be dealt under the anti-ragging law by the police before a magistrate. The minimum punishment is two years in jail for ragging.

What is Student Integration?

The university conducts a program for the freshers at the outset to enroll students into the UWU Family culture. This is two weeks of intensive integration activities. During this period the new students are taken through programs of culture, heritage, law, academic overview, facilities, mentoring, how to get about?, etc,. Moreover the parents of students become partners of the university.

What is Continuous assessment?

Students are assessed for their learning during a semester as an ongoing continuous process and on a daily basis if necessary. Thus students have to face spot tests, assignments, practical work, field visits, research work, project work, presentations, viva and tutorials. They have to have a 100% pass rate to continue learning here and the weight attached to the continuous assessment is 60% and the balance 40% marks return from end semester exams.

How important is attendance in class activity?

The students can be absent only up to a maximum of 20% i.e. attendance in academic activity should be minimum 80%. If they fail to maintain this level of attendance such students will not get admission to the exams or their results will not be released.

What is Mentoring?

Each student is assigned to a lecturer for frequent attention. The areas of attention students receive are academic matters, financial difficulties, family problems, romantic involvements, harassments and abuse, career guidance, or any other matter that a student may need guidance. The information shared with the lecturers are absolutely confidential and the student identities will not be revealed to anyone including the Vice Chancellor. The lecturers are supposed to ‘own these students’ and the lecturers are called ‘Mentors’. The process is called mentoring. There are about 7-10 students assigned to each lecturers for mentoring.

Isn’t Badulla remote?

Badulla is a fast developing district. It is not remote any more than Kandy or Hambantota. The town has all the facilities such as good Schools, fully fledged hospital, supermarkets, shopping areas, religious venues, recreation and play grounds, railway, plenty of busses anywhere, water facilities, electricity, entertainment, and every thing that contributes to a higher standard of comfortable living. Moreover the salubrious weather condition is a luxury that few places can match. Travel time to Colombo on the well laid out carpeted road via Bandarawela, Balangoda, Ratnapura and Avissawella is 4 hrs if you leave early hours or late evening and Kandy 2 hrs, Galle and Matara are about 4 and 3 hours. Batticaloa, Ampara and Trinco too are easily accessible.

What is this Aptitude Test?

All potential candidates expecting to gain admission to UWU have to pass an Aptitude Test conducted throughout the country by the Commissioner General of Exams. The candidates need only a pass from the Aptitude Test. The test is simple for those who have the required aptitude for the type of degree programs they apply. There are two tests, one made up of Common General Knowledge and the other made up of questions testing the suitability of the candidate for the particular degree program. The latter questions could be easily answered by A level qualified candidates.

What is the qualification needed to enter UWU?

Candidates must pass the A Levels with Z Score above cutoff level and must pass the Aptitude Test conducted in the same year. The rules are laid down in the Students Handbook issued by the University Grants Commission for the relevant year.