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Research Committee

Research Committee is the steering body that manages the research and related activities of the University. It has been working as a subcommittee of the Senate since the inception of the University.


Composition of Research Committee

a) Chairperson (Appointed by the Vice Chancellor)
b) All Deans, Directors, and the Librarian
c) All Heads of Departments
d) A Senior Representative/Academia representing each Degree Programme
e) Representative from any of the Research Ethics Committees unless otherwise a member of the Research Committee is the Chairman

The committee shall have a Secretary–an Administrative Officer–appointed by the Vice Chancellor on the recommendation of the committee.

The committee plays a key role in University funds disbursement for research and related activities, monitoring research and related activities, promoting research publications made by the staff both locally and internationally, monitoring annual ‘International Research Conference’ of the University, monitoring activities of the Research Awards Committee, recommending research publications and research project proposals for obtaining research allowance and seeing the progress of the latter.

University research highly focusses and expects to contribute to the economic development of the country going with the University theme, ‘value addition to the national resources’. Accordingly, research grants are awarded annually on competitive basis, under the following research priority areas: (a) Value addition to local resources base; (b) Multidisciplinary research towards socio-economic development of the country; (c) Development of private-public partnerships and (d) Sustainable development.