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SER Preparation for Institutional Review (IR) of UWU

SER Preparation for  Institutional Review (IR) of UWU

Date:                               18th June 2017
Venue and Time:       Capital City Hotel/ 9:00 am to 4: 00 pm
Resource Person: Dr. J.L. Ratnasekera
Objective: To discuss and finalize the Self Evaluation Report (SER) for IR

The preparation of SER for IR was initiated on January 2017 upon the request made by QAAC, UGC. Ten working groups each led by a team leader were involved in preparing the first draft of the SER (Chapter 02). This workshop was organized to get the comments from all the members of the sub committees on SER preparation and finalize the document before sending to the QAAC. The workshop was successfully conducted at the Capital City Hotel, Badulla on 18th May 2017 from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. The workshop was organized by the IQAU of UWU with the guidance of Dr. SC Jayamanne/Coordinator SER preparation. The SER preparation workshop was facilitated by the Vice Chancellor, Dr. J.L. Ratnasekera as the resource person.

All the leaders and members of SER preparation sub committees (10) were invited and out of fifty-five (58) invitees forty-two (42) participated in the workshop. All the participants were divided in to five working groups and each group was given some selected standards in each criterion to comment on. Finally, Dr. S.C Jayamanne/Coordinator SER preparation incorporated the necessary changes/amendments in the SER.




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