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Animal Science Degree Program


BASc is a degree program unique to UWU as no other University offers a degree completely dedicated to Livestock industry, focusing on the production, management and value addition. The syllabus was prepared by going through individual consultations with eminent scientists, academics, government & non government officials engaged in livestock sector, researchers, industrialists etc. This program emphasizes on the value addition theme which is the theme of the UWU.

The aim of the degree program is “to produce graduates with sound hands on knowledge in animal farming with adequate knowledge on animal health and value addition, to cater to the demand for specialized knowledge and skills in the livestock sector to enhance animal productivity adding value to livestock products both at commercial and cottage industry levels”.

According to this syllabus, the undergraduates who follow BASc degree program will gain a comprehensive training both on theoretical and practical aspects of livestock production and product technology.

Program Attributes

Following upto date theoretical knowledge from qualified and experienced academic staff.

  • Undergoing on station and on farm practical training in private and state farms under the guidance of experts with many years of field experience.
  • Undergoing industrial training in private and state sector agro-based industries adopting a problem oriented approach.
  • Being trained in private and state sector research institutes and other organizations to understand research methodology and research needs of the country with a problem solving approach.

Graduate Attributes

  • Identify, understand, analyze, suggest alternate solutions and make recommendations to local, provincial, national and regional problems in livestock production, development or product technology based on the nature of the problem and available resources.
  • Guide and advise the local, provincial, national and regional policy makers and other personnel on developing and executing local, national and regional policies on livestock production, development and product technology.
  • Become successful academia, researchers, managers, entrepreneurs and planners of national and international level.
  • Be the guiding light and the driving force of Sri Lanka to develop the local livestock industry and promote the contribution to the national income, reduce rural poverty, food security and healthy food production for the nation.