Annual Student Events

Improving creativity, exploration of knowledge and promoting academic/social interaction

  • Aurora Food Festival

    The Aurora is always a highly anticipated event on UWU’s annual event calendar hosted by students of Department of Animal Science under the guidance of Academic staff, Department of Animal Science. [...]

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    Sakshara is an annual corporate social responsibility (CSR) task of the UWU event calendar organized by Animal Science Society of Uva Wellassa University. [...]                        

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  • “දෑත්” Program

    The project “දෑත්” is the first public meritorious event organized by the Aqua Club of Uva Wellassa University, destined to smoothen the learning process of students in grade 10-11 representing schools in Badulla, Balangoda and Bibila. [...]

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  • Annual Blood Drive

    The annual noble charity, “ANS Blood Drive ” which was organized by the Animal Science Degree Program, Uva Wellassa University in collaboration with Central Blood Bank. [...]

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  • ANS Trophy

    The “ANS Trophy” football tournament has been proudly presenting since year 2008 followed by 11 consecutive years as an annual game event in the Uva Wellassa University history. [...]

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  • Life Saving Training Camp

    The Life Saving Training Camp is organized by Aqua Club of Aquatic Resources Technology Degree Programme, Uva Wellassa University in collaboration with Sri Lanka Coast Guard. [...]

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Life Saving Training Programme 2020

1st Batch @ Sri Lanka Coast Guard Balapitiya

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