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Department of Animal Science is one of the two Departments belongs to Faculty of Animal Science and Export Agriculture which was commenced as one of the pioneering Departments in the University in 2005. The Department aims to craft competent and skillful graduates with specialized knowledge and skills on farm animal production, aquatic resources technology and value addition to national resources. The Department offers two competitive four-year honours degree programmes namely Bachelor of Animal Science Honours (BAScHons) and Bachelor of Science in Aquatic Resources Technology (BScHons). Monthly Department meetings regulate the issues and matters relevant to academic, administrative and extracurricular events. Being one of the pioneer Departments in UWU, Department of Animal Science always has the desire to excel in the three pillars of service that UWU academia are expected to perform, namely Teaching and Mentoring, Research, and Cooperate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities. From its inception Department of Animal Science has reached several milestones with respect to the above-mentioned three pillars which improved the quality of present curricula.

Evolution and Major Milestones

Year Major Milestones
2005 Establishment of the Department
2006 Introduction of Bachelor of Animal Science Honours (BAScHons) degree
2009 Introduction of Bachelor of Science Honours in Aquatic Resources Technology (BScHons) degree
2010 Graduation of the first batch of students from BAScHons degree
2012/2013 First Programme Review of BAScHons degree
2013 Graduation of the first batch of students from BScHons in Aquatic Resources Technology degree
2014/2016 Curriculum revision of BAScHons degree
2015/2018 Curriculum revision of BScHons in Aquatic Resources Technology degree
2017 Implementation of revised curriculum of BAScHons degree
2019 Implementation of revised curriculum of BScHons in Aquatic Resources Technology degree

Starting with two academia in 2006, Department of Animal Science currently has a well-qualified, competent staff including two Professors, nine Senior Lecturers, three Lecturers and 17 Lecturers (Probationary) to design, develop and deliver academic programmes, and to conduct research and outreach activities. With respect to the research capacity, scholars attached to the Department have rewarded with CVCD Award for Outstanding Young Researcher in Biological Sciences in 2016, President's Awards for Scientific Publications in 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016, NRC merit award in 2015 and several other awards at different conferences.

The Department of Animal Science had only one laboratory when academic programmes were commenced in 2006 and currently possesses six well-equipped in-house laboratories to conduct practical sessions and research activities successfully for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Academic staff and undergraduates of the Department of Animal Science involve with Cooperate Social Responsibilities (CSR) towards strengthening relationships with the community. These events enable the undergraduates to blend the knowledge and the multidisciplinary skills to become well rounded graduates. It conducted the first ever CSR activity of UWU in 2007/2008 by conducting a 5-day workshop for A/L students of Uva Province in Agriculture stream which paved the path to conduct similar types of workshops for A/L students of other streams. At present, the Department conducts different CSR activities together with undergraduates including educational workshops for school teachers and students, farmer training programmes, blood donation campaign and assisting underprivileged schools in Uva Province.


Mr. N.P.P. Liyanage

Senior Lecturer
Tel : +94 552226580
Fax : +94 55 2226672
E-mail : headans@uwu.ac.lk



Ms. A.C. Weerasuriya



Prof. S.C. Jayamanne



Prof. D.K.D.D. Jayasena


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