Alumni Association

Degree programmes of the Faculty already maintain their own unique Alumni Associations. Alumni Association has been established for maintaining interactions between University and graduates. Also, alumni provide several benefits such as scholarships, employments, training opportunities and fund raising for the undergraduates.

Alumni organize several events annually with the participation of academic staff members, undergraduates and graduates for enhancing the synergistic collaboration and interaction.

Alumni Association of Animal Science Degree programme “IMPREUNA”, was established in year 2017, with the objectives of supporting the Animal Science Degree Programme through enhancing the academic excellence of its undergraduates, welfare of its members and disseminating information on relevant activities, opportunities & requirements of the degree programme. With the commencement of the Alumni, a flash light system which was a foremost deficit for the University playground was donated to facilitate the sports events including ANS Trophy in University premises. Alumni also initiated a scholarship programme to support undergraduates who require financial assistance to carry out the studies successfully.

Since most of the other degree programmes of the Faculty meet their 10th batch in next year, they are in the progression of commencing their own alumni associations with collaboration of 10 batches in year 2019. Once all the degree programmes are equipped with their own alumni associations, a premier alumni association will be established for the Faculty of Animal Science and Export Agriculture.



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