• Journal of Agriculture and Value Addition (JAVA) was launched on May 31, 2018 as the maiden Research Journal of the Faculty of Animal Science and Export Agriculture and also of the Uva Wellassa University. The editorial board of JAVA includes renowned local and foreign scientists. JAVA creates the pathway for effective dissemination of novel findings under the main disciplines of crops, livestock, aquaculture &fisheries and food. JAVA acts as the professional platform to integrate above key areas & diverse developments and provide a unique opportunity to make significant advances in the research, while providing a special opening to connect domain experts from chemistry, biology, environmental science which are also interconnected with the theme of value addition. Objectives of the JAVA are:

      to focus research that promotes value addition in agriculture and fisheries.
      to offer readers an opportunity to tap into the future enhancement of agriculture and fisheries sector.
      to streamline the relevant findings towards economic development.

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