AQUA-CLUB is the society established under the membership of undergraduates of Aquatic Resources Technology degree programme. The activities and tasks of the club have been focused on enhancing creativity, organizing skills, leadership ability, team work, and student development activities. The main objectives of this society are;

To enhance the capture fishery sector in rural areas
To conserve & protect aquatic and water resources in Uva Province
To fulfill the Cooperative Social Responsibilities (CSR) for Uva Province
To strengthen the creativity and art skills of undergraduates

The club annually organizes lots of events such as stage drama, “Daeth” programme and educational workshops. “Daeth” is a CSR event introduced to aid the rural, remote schools in the Uva Province. This event further allows university students to share their experiences and encourage the young generation in schools by providing necessary requirements.

Lifesaving training camp will be collaboratively organized by Aqua Club and Sri Lanka Coast Guard (SLCG) at the Coast Guard Life Saving Training School, Balapitiya as biannual event. The main objective of this workshop is to provide the practical exposure about the importance of lifesaving and improve the lifesaving skills of undergraduates. Academic staff members of the Department of Animal Science coordinate this training programme.

Visit Major Activities of the Club

1st Annuall General Meeting

2nd Annuall General Meeting

Life Saving Training Programme 2020

1st Batch @ Sri Lanka Coast Guard Balapitiya

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