The Animal Science Society was established focusing on following objectives.

  To enhance the awareness and knowledge of livestock farming and production among farmers, schools, and the society.
  To introduce various products related to livestock sector, first to the university community and extend it as possible.
  To publicize the value addition theme in Animal Science field.
  To enhance the practical skills of Animal Science students..
  To promote the Animal Science degree program and the university through the value addition theme.

All undergraduates of the Animal Science degree program act as members of the society. Different activities have been targeted by the society as given below

  Establishing and maintaining a new production and sales unit related to livestock sector within the university premises.
  Carrying out workshops, seminars, programs and practical including food festivals, practical sessions and camps to achieve the above objectives.
  Publishing a newsletter to promote the activities of the society and knowledge on livestock sector at the end of every semester.

Blood donation campaign, ANS Trophy football tournament, AURORA Food Festival and Saarkshara are some of the annual events organized by the society. Blood donation campaign is a collaborative task organized with the blood bank of Badulla General Hospital. “ANS Trophy” football tournament is important in encouraging the students of the fellow Departments to brush up their ingenuities and ameliorate the spirits of the game.Promoting the degree Programme and its concept of value addition to the livestock and aquatic products, “Aurora” food festival is annually organized by the society with the guidance of staff. “SAARKSHARA” was solely introduced to aid the rural schools in the Uva Province. With the aim of disseminating the students’ activities conducted by the undergraduates of Department of Animal Science, a newsletter, “ANS NEWSLETTER” is published bi-annually.

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