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Centre for Gender Equity and Equality



Centre for Gender Equity and Equality
Uva Wellassa University,

Tel: +94 55 2226622 



A university with gender sensitive working and learning environment to all its members and are recognized for their excellent practices, with zero tolerance towards SGBV


to ensure equal opportunities and terms for both genders among the university community while creating gender sensitive environment within the university with zero tolerance towards sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV).
Stipulated key functions of the CGEE

• Developing gender-sensitive university culture and university environment.
• Promoting harmonious relations between different categories of staff and students at UWU
• Monitoring in implementing the policy on GEE at the institutional level.
• Conducting awareness programs/training for staff and students – during orientation / induction to students / staff.
• Identifying ways of preventing SGBV within the university.
• Empowering students and staff to prevent and respond to SGBV.
• Inquiring SGBV and proposing to university councils for disciplinary actions to offenders and facilities to victims.
• Disseminating information about GEE policies and GEE activities by posting / circulating relevant material through relevant channels to the university community.
• Facilitating to develop university curricula and research, and contribute other gender-related inputs to the University Community.
• Ensuring transparency, equal opportunities and equal treatment for all, both in relation to the appointment of positions, recruitments, employment and career development.
• Developing and maintaining a mechanism of redress for SGBV within the university.