National Symposium on Agriculture & Life Sciences
Faculty of Animal Science and Export Agriculture, Uva Wellassa University of Sri Lanka
"Shaping the Future with Research and Innovation" @NSALS '24 - FASEA UWU

Uva Wellassa University (UWU) stands as a pioneering institution that has reshaped the educational landscape, emerging as a guiding light in the evolution of the concept of an Entrepreneurial and Technopreneurial University within the nation.

UWU's educational philosophy is dynamic and prosperous, serving as a driving force that molds individuals into graduates equipped not only with knowledge but also with a priceless array of skills and values. These graduates are not merely employable; they are poised to assume technocratic roles and embark on entrepreneurial journeys, actively contributing to the growth and advancement of the entire nation.

As the "Center for Value Addition" to the national resource pool, UWU has been steadfast in its research endeavors since its inception. Within this exceptional academic milieu, the Faculty of Animal Science and Export Agriculture proudly introduces a groundbreaking event: the inaugural "National Symposium on Agriculture and Life Sciences (NSALS 2024)." The excitement surrounding this symposium is palpable, as it promises to serve as a convergence point for the most brilliant minds from academia, researchers, scientists, industry experts, and enthusiastic students.

Under the overarching theme of "Shaping the Future with Research and Innovation," NSALS 2024 is poised to kindle in-depth discussions, foster collaborative endeavors, and spark fresh ideas that will resonate far beyond its immediate confines. This event signifies an exciting opportunity and underscores UWU's unwavering dedication to advancing knowledge, nurturing innovation, and crafting a future that gleams with brilliance and boundless promise.

The conference encompasses nine distinct tracks, each focusing on specific areas of interest and expertise. These tracks are as follows.

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