Aquatic Sciences
Aquatic sciences include the study of Earth's water environments, ranging from oceans and seas to freshwater bodies. This multidisciplinary field investigates aquatic ecosystems' physical, chemical, biological, and geological aspects. NSALS'24 will be an excellent platform for researchers and scientists to come together and share their findings, and discuss solutions to aquatic environment challenges. Join us to reveal your research and innovations for the betterment of the future.

We are excited to welcome you to submit abstracts for the Aquatic Sciences track at our upcoming event. This track will focus on the following key areas and themes.
  • Finfish and shellfish farming
  • Fisheries management
  • Fish biology
  • Aquatic animal health
  • Fish nutrition
  • Ornamental fish and Plant culture
  • Seaweed culture and product development
  • Fisheries post-harvesting and product development
  • Coastal and marine sciences
  • Aquatic Botany

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