Animal Production and Technology
The Animal Production and Technology track serves as a pivotal platform targeting mainly undergraduate research students, scholars, experts, and practitioners who converge to explore innovative strategies, discuss cutting-edge technologies, and address critical challenges in the realm of farm animal production. The track is focused on the advancement of the animal production field through scientific investigation and technological developments. It highlights the significant role of animal production in addressing global food security, promoting sustainable agriculture, and alleviating the ongoing economic crisis in Sri Lanka. Attendees are encouraged to explore topics such as precision livestock farming, animal welfare, animal nutrition, and disease management, all of which play integral roles in shaping the future of farm animal management. By fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange, the Animal Production and Technology track accelerates scientific progress and promotes ethical and sustainable practices within the industry. As researchers delve into the complexities of animal biology and agricultural systems, the animal production and technology track catalyzes transformative ideas, forging a path toward a more efficient, humane, and environmentally conscious approach to animal production.

We cordially extend an invitation to undergraduate research students, academic scientists, researchers, and academics specializing in the area of interest to submit their distinctive research contributions, including different aspects of:
  • Animal Byproduct and Waste Management
  • Animal Health, Welfare and Biosecurity
  • Farm Animal Management
  • Farm Animal Nutrition
  • Farm Production in Pandemic Situation
  • Farming, Food Safety and Supply Chain Continuity
  • Integrated Farming and Resilience

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