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Science & Technology Degree Program


The Science and Technology degree program aims to develop knowledge, values, conceptual understanding and skills in students, necessary for a range of careers in Science and Technology. It fosters research in Science and Technology in a dynamic interdisciplinary atmosphere. The degree program envisages its participants to be responsive to the national and local needs and initiatives involved in the value addition to the national resource base. The degree program is unique in that it offers a BTech degree providing the students with opportunities for technology oriented career.

Program Attributes

BTech graduates of Science and Technology degree program with a broad range of career opportunities in Sri Lanka and overseas, will be enriched with a sound knowledge in science and technology in one of the specialization fields, which are unique to UWU.

  • Food Engineering and Bio-process Technology
  • Materials Science and Technology
  • Mechatronics

Curriculum of Science and Technology degree program comprises theoretical knowledge and practical aspects focusing on catering to the industrial demand while tracking on the UWU theme. Students will be selected for specialization areas at the beginning of the second year depending on their preference and performances.

In their final year all the students will engage in a research project based on the University Vision, value addition to national resource base with the goal of invention of innovative technologies for sustainable energy, value addition to natural resources and, upgrading of industrial process and products. The industrial training in a leading company, part of the final year curriculum is producing well capable personnel suited to the industrial demand, which will lead to the build up of an entrepreneur.

Food Engineering and Bioprocess Technology:

The goal is to produce well rounded graduates with knowledge and skills related to food processing and food engineering using the state of art equipment and technologies.

Materials Science and Technology:

The goal of this course is to produce professionals with a sound knowledge in science, engineering and technology of traditional materials: ceramic, glass, metal, polymer as well as modern materials: composites, bio materials, semiconductors, nano and smart materials.


The overall goal of the Mechatronics course is to develop professional technologists in mechatronics who can make a significant contribution to manufacturing industries by an approach to technological and engineering design that integrates mechanical, manufacturing, control, electrical and electronics engineering, embedded systems, energy management and computer technology.

Graduate Attributes

The graduates of above specializations in Science and Technology will be able to understand, use and improve the technologies of the respective fields through the skills and innovative thinking gained from rigorous scientific and technological training. He/she will play an important role in the value chain of industrial processes and management contributing to increase the efficiency and productivity. The graduate will confront any technological challenge in his/her area of specialization being resourceful to the employer. He/she will serve in scientific, technological and managerial capacity in related industries with commitment and responsibility.