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Export Agriculture Degree Program


Technological development and intensifying global competition are fundamentally reshaping agriculture from production of undifferentiated bulk commodities sold in anonymous spot-markets to a production system of segmented and specialized markets, identity-preserved commodities, value-added food products, and a focus on the end-user. Heightened global competition and declining profit margins in the production of undifferentiated bulk commodities are leading farmers, businessmen and agriculturists to pursue efforts to add value to their products and, in so doing, to capture a greater part of the downstream value dominated by processing and marketing sectors

Efforts to develop and expand new types of end uses for bulk agricultural commodities (e.g., alternative fuels, bioplastics), alternative agricultural production systems (e.g., organic, intensive pasture rotation), niche markets, and specialty crops are regarded as creating new opportunities for improving the economic viability of agriculture and rural communities.

On the other hand, to increase the foreign exchange earnings of export agricultural products through new technological innovations, research and learning must be excelled with a strong emphasis on value addition to local agricultural resources through modern scientific and technological approach.

Program Attributes

  • To provide in depth scientific knowledge, technological skills and entrepreneurial capabilities to sustain agricultural production promoting value addition to agricultural and national resource base
  • To promote export oriented agricultural production inculcating specialized knowledge and skills in international business
  • To stimulate demand oriented researches in the line of value addition to local resource base to perk up the contribution to the Agricultural sector continuously

Graduate Attributes

  • Graduates will have a rational attitude towards knowledge and understanding. They will be leaders in the production of new knowledge and understanding related to tea industry in broader sense through inquiry, critique and synthesis
  • Graduates will be of innovative spirit to perceive consequential problems in a different angle and equipped with entrepreneurial skills and specialized knowledge in value addition and export oriented agriculture
  • Graduates will be contributors of new knowledge creation through research and scientific inquiry
  • Graduates will be able to make use of information effectively and efficiently to pursue their duties, and will be effective communicators who would create relationship values through persuasion, negotiation and in furthering their career advancement