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Student Integration 2015

Student Integration 2015

The integration programme for the new entrants at Uva Wellassa University (UWU) commences from April 20, 2015 and continues for a one whole week until April 24, 2015. The programme is designed exclusively in trend setting prior to apportion of undergraduates to their chosen respective programme of studies. The programme consists of several significant activities ranging from instilling impression to a day where everyone is getting an opportunity to exhibit their talents and this would undoubtedly creates an atmosphere for novice undergraduates who come from various parts of the country to move about and to be acquainted with each other.

The day one is the first day of the novice undergraduates of Uva Wellassa University where the first impression of the university is inscribed to hunt for the knowledge whilst acquiring the required values to be a valuable citizen. Then, it moves to another day named heritage day where they begin to feel the sense of belonging and for this, a few places of historical significance will be visited with the right guidance of the senior academicians as an initiative. This will then be the foundation for them to explore the world of work in time to come. The third day too is central in this integration week as it is targeted to enlighten the novice undergraduates on academic & administrative structure, maintaining law and order, and peace in a civil society, the healthcare and on many more to gain broad knowledge and the maiden opportunity to encounter the respective academic staff members of the Departments and Faculties. The day four marks as the day of academic formalities in an academic milieu where the new members are officially welcome to UWU Family and then the programme moves to the final day opening up of all avenues for the new members to air their flairs to UWU community for pleasure and enlightenment as any work of arts begins in pleasure and ends in wisdom.

Integration programme schedule


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