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Prof. Eckard’s Visit

Prof. Eckard’s Visit

Prof. Dr. Eckard Helmers, the Director for the Sustainable Mobility at Institute for Applied Material Flow Management (IFaS) in Germany undertook a four day visit to Uva Wellassa University from 24th March to 28th March 2014. This visit marks another follow up program of the collaborative Zero Emission Campus Project between the Uva Wellassa University and the Institute for Applied Material Flow Management in Germany.

Dr. Eckard Helmers is a Professor for Chemistry/Environmental Analysis at the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld. His main research interests include environmental efficient automotive mobility, life cycle assessment electro-mobility and alternative drives and fuels. He is at present leading the e-mobility research team at IFaS. During his visit he conducted a lecture series on “Sustainable Mobility” for students of Science & Technology and Mineral Resources & Technology Degree Programs. He also presented his ongoing research activities aiming at converting the Three-Wheelers to run on battery power in order to reduce the harmful emissions, in a research colloquium participated by both students and staff members.

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