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The origin of Uva Wellassa University Library (UWUL) can be traced back to August 2006, when the Uva Wellassa University was formally established in Badulla.

At present, the Library is catering to over 1700 readers including both students and staff of the University. Library provides quality services and access to information. It also offers teaching and learning environment by providing a wide-ranging knowledge with diverse resources. In a center of learning, the Library functions as an information center. UWUL will also share the same Vision of Uva Wellassa University.

The present Library collection encompasses over 15,000 books and over 500 of non-book materials. It possesses a collection covering a vast area of knowledge in Computer Science, Philosophy, Economics and Business Studies, Physics and Chemistry, Engineering and Technology, Agriculture and Animal Sciences, Management and Finance, Tourism, Aquaculture and Fisheries, Mathematical Science, etc. Dewey decimal classification method is adopted to classify books in the Library.


• Circulation Section
• Lending Section (Lending books (L) and Scheduled Reference books (SR))
• Reference Section (Permanent Reference books (PR))
• Sri Lankan Collection
• Uva Collection
• Newspapers Collection & Important Articles Collection
• CD- DVD Collection
• E- Book Collection
• UWU Exam Past Paper Collection
• Periodical Collection (Printed & Online)
• Students Project reports Collection
• UWU Staff Thesis Collection
• Information Technology Section (IT)
• Request online articles through UWU Library
• E-resources available through national digital library consortium under the UGC (Provided Emerald, Sage research methods and Oxford journals)
• Issue books for Photocopying