An Symposium dinner and cultural show has been arranged for Thursday 19st January 2017.

Symposium Dinner

Step out in style and join your colleagues to celebrate the official Symposium Dinner scheduled to be held on 19th of January, 2017. This evening remains one of the most anticipated of the university’s event calendar as delegates and guests enjoy a superb Sri Lankan dinner and top-class entertainment.

Gini Sisila

Gini Sisila (subduing fire or fire dance) is a specialized form of dance which was originated in southern Sri Lanka. During this breathtaking performance, the dancer places a burning torch in his mouth, in some cases up to minutes and drags the blazing torch along the arms and legs. The absolute faith of the dancer protects him from the flames and as a result the dancer emerges without any burns or scorching. This form of dance will be performed by specialized and highly skilled dancers.

Kandyan Ves Dance

"Ves" dance, the most popular, originated from an ancient purification ritual, the Kohomba Yakuma or Kohomba Kankariya. The dance was propitiatory, never secular, and performed only by males. The elaborate “Ves” costume, particularly the headgear, is considered sacred and is believed to belong to the deity Kohomba.

Kiri Koraha Dance by Aborigines

Kiri Koraha is traditional dance of “Veddas” (Indigenous people of Sri Lanka) which used to obtain bless of their gods. “Veddas” believed that the spirit of their dead would haunt them bringing forth diseases and calamity. To appease the dead spirit, they invoke the blessings of the Nae Yakka (relative spirit) and other spirits like Bilinda Yakka, Kande Yakka followed by the dance ritual of the Kiri Koraha.

Sri Lankan Drumming Intro

The style of Sri Lankan drumming is quite unlike the equally virtuoso, but far more metrically regular, style of North Indian classical music. Instead, Sri Lankan drumming is distinguished by its frequent sudden changes of tempo and highly irregular rhythmic patterns which ebb and flow in a series of percussive onslaughts – the almost telepathic coordination displayed by the members of top drum groups during performances can seem almost magical.

An Evening of Classical Music

It will be an extremely beautiful demonstration of musical fusion after the cultural performances. Liturgical and secular music picked from varying eras of history that truly will succeed in delighting the extremely diverse audience.