Uva Wellassa University of
Sri Lanka

Convocation 2013

The honours bachelor degrees were conferred to 444 graduates belonging to eleven degree programmes in three Faculties.

Uva Wellassa University of Sri Lanka

The Centre of Excellence for Value Addition

Chancellor visited the university

Most Venerable Bengamuwe Sri Dhammadinna Nayake Thero officially visited the Uva Wellassa University

Academic Excellency

The university is going to be one of the best in the country for academic and research pursuits.

Blessing for the Prosperity

Social Responsibility

Beauty of Nature

Misty scenes like this are common in seasons.

Showcase Skills; GLAMOURO!

‘Glamouro’™ is the talent show conducted by first year students to show what they have gained from Communication Skills Course conducted under Essential Skills program in each year.

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Center of Excellence for Value Addition to the National Resource Base
Palm & Latex Technology and Value Addition PDF Print Write e-mail


To promote the Sri Lankan palm products & latex based industry through training of innovative professionals capable of planning, designing and implementing new technologies in value addition to produce food & by products from palm and, finished-value-added products from latex to cater the demand of local and international market.
Course of Study: Palm & Latex Technology and Value Addition
Degree: B.Sc. in Palm & Latex Technology and Value Addition
Focus: To provide the students with advanced-scientific knowledge for proper assessment of palm and latex industry and thereby to inspire the industry so as to enhance value addition to the local palm & latex resources
Entry Requirement: Students from Physical Science stream and Biological Science stream


Academic Program:


YearSemester 1Semester 2
First Year Essential Skill Development
(13 Credits)
Core Course Units in Palm & Latex Technology
(3 Credits)
Broad General Education
(9 Credits)
Core Course Units in Palm & Latex Technology
(7 Credits)
Second Year
Objective is to provide a thorough background in principles of the subject areas to acquire the basic knowledge on Palm & Latex Technology

Core Course units in Palm & Latex Technology

Essential Skills (3 credits) and Broad General Education (6 credits)

Third Year

Following advanced-scientific studies in:

  • Palm Technology and Value Addition
  • Latex Technology and Value Addition
Fourth Year Advanced Studies in a chosen field to cater the demand in:
  • Local Needs
  • Global Trends
  • Value Addition to natural resources
  • Evolving marketing trendsIndustrial
Training - Semester I

Exposing to a particular palm products or latex industry to gain pratical knowledge and experience on Palm & Latex Products Technology.

Reserch Project - Semester II

Application of the acquired knowledge through conducting a research project to develop new-value-added products.

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