Meet the Graduates

U.D.P. Manjula
BASc Hons (UWU, Sri Lanka)
MSc (Chungnam National University, South Korea)
Graduate Research Assistant/PhD Candidate Dept.of Animal Science and Biotechnology
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Chungnam National University

Dr. S.S. Wickramasuriya
BASc Hons (UWU, Sri Lanka)
MSc (Chungnam National University, South Korea)
PhD (Chungnam National University, South Korea)

Mrs. H.I.Wijayananda
BSc Hons (UWU, Sri Lanka)
Graduate Research Assistant/MSc Candidate
Dept. of Animal Science and Biotechnology
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Chungnam National University

Lecturer in Ruminant Nutrition Department of Animal Science Faculty of Animal Science and Export Agriculture Uva Wellassa University of Sri Lanka

Becoming an Animal Science graduate at Uva Wellassa University wasone of the most valuable decisions that I made in my life. My passion towards Animal Science, particularly Dairy Cattle Management and Nutrition, was one of the major reasons why I chose Animal Science Degree programme. However, the Broad General Education I obtained through my degree pushed me beyond the limits I expected and opened newer avenues for my career path. Through Animal Science degree programme, I had the privilege not only to gain knowledge and skills on Animal Husbandry but also a thorough knowledge on Food Sciences, Genetics, Economics and Basics of Accounting and Business Studies was gained. It provided me with a multidisciplinary approach in decisions I made throughout my life.

Benefiting my passion, my degree facilitated me to further work on the field of study I loved. Hence, after my graduation I had anopportunity to work as a Research Assistant while studying for my MPhil and then as a Commercial Farm Consultant in private sector. The broader working capacity I had gained through my basic degree was a blessing in every opportunity I had. Today, as a Lecturerin Animal Science degree programmeinUva Wellassa University I wish to pay my gratitude towards my degree programme and my University for making my life worth living along my dreams.

A. Kulasinghe
BASc Hons (UWU, Sri Lanka) MPhil in Food Science and Technology, University of Peradeniya (reading) Manager: University Business Linkage Cell, UvaWellassa University. Proprietor: Delicatus Cookies, Matale.

The four years I spent at UvaWellassa University enhanced my knowledge, skills and talents in a multidisciplinary environment. It had given me the opportunity to enhance my potentials and creativity to become a successful innovator and an entrepreneur while developing my academic career as well.

At UvaWellassa University we were one family. UWU family was a platform for me to overcome my weaknesses and discover my potentials. The ability to face the challenges not only in my profession but also in my life was gained through my beloved university.

R. I. Wijethilaka
BASc Hons (UWU, Sri Lanka) Manager Dayagama Farm, National Livestock Development Board.

M.B. J. Malcolm
BASc Hons (UWU Sri Lanka) Dip. In Public Administration Assistant Divisional Secretary, Weliwitiya, Divithura

The undergraduate period at UvaWellassa University was an unforgettable period of my life. As an Animal Science graduate I was able to gather vast knowledge in my field of study and it helped me to enter in to Sri Lanka Administrative Services (SLAS) as well. We were able to finish our degree programme exactly in 4 years’ time. That helped me to save my valuable time as well as the valuable money of general public in Sri Lanka. UWU is the place which changed the path of my life.

We are taking decisions in every single moment in our lives. Some are routine while the others have less impact on our future. For these decisions, we do not need significant efforts and time. But others are so challenging that they require us to set a selection criterion. The precise choice to join with UWU family before seven years ago, has enlightened my life. Throughout the period of four years, I gained a thorough knowledge onAquatic Resources Technology in which I was fully involved and was fully aware of the value and current importance of it. Also, the course curriculum does not only focus to develop a person armed with the aquatic resources technologies but also equip by adding the Broad General (BGE) and Essential Skill Development (ESD) courses as a flagship in the society.

Though this was a short period, I made a big impact in fisheries management field in the country as a scientist by proposing novel approaches towards sustainable utilistion of resources. Undoubtedly, I can say that the foundation of my degree with appropriate knowledge and confidence, which brought me up to the present position of Lecturer in Fisheries Management attached to the Department of Animal Science at Uva Wellassa University. I will be pleased to see more and more enthusiastic scholars entering to the Uva Wellassa University, who can add values to national resources with anaim to make a betterment future to the country. I sincerely hope that I will be able to share a dream with you all, who will join with us.

P. C. B. Dias
Lecturer in Fisheries Management Department of Animal Science Faculty of Animal Science and Export Agriculture Uva Wellassa University of Sri Lanka

S. Jayasinghe
Assistant Superintendent of Customs  BSc (sp) in Aquatic Resources Technology (1st Batch)

In year 2009, I started reading for my Bachelor's at UWU and after completion of four years, I graduated with a special degree in Aquatic Resources Technology while receiving the Vice Chancellor's award for the best performance in Aquatic Resources Technology degree programme. As undergraduates we were guided by our lecturers to gain the maximum knowledge during lectures and practicals. Further, we had well planned field trainings throughout the four years that led us to gain the practical exposure in the field of Aquaculture. As an Assistant Superintendent of Customs, currently attached to the Biodiversity, Cultural and National Heritage Protection Division of Sri Lanka Customs, I am having a successful career. I am proud to be a product of UWU.

I graduated from UWU with a BSc in Aquatic Resources Technology in 2015. Currently, I am a graduate student and a research assistant at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth's School for Marine Science and Technology in the USA. UWU increased my standards to a higher level through its well-rounded higher education and scholastic approaches. I am forever grateful and happy to express the key role UWU played in fostering my success.

N. S. S. Etige
Graduate Research Assistant / MS Candidate SMAST Student Representative Oceanographic Modelling & Analysis Laboratory School for Marine Science and Technology University of Massachusetts Dartmouth 836, S. Rodney French Blvd New Bedford, MA 02744 USA

Life Saving Training Programme 2020

1st Batch @ Sri Lanka Coast Guard Balapitiya

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