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Mineral Resources & Technology Degree Program


Mineral resources of the country are rapidly diminishing with the extremely slow pace of new discoveries. Minerals being non-renewable resources, the problem is further aggravated due to export of minerals in near-raw form with the minimum level of value addition. In the absence of proper know-how and technological advances the country has been compelled to import finished products of the same minerals spending enormous amounts of foreign exchange annually.

The Mineral Resources and Technology degree program aims to provide the students with a firm scientific foundation for proper appraisal of mineral resources with an in-depth knowledge in mineral science and related disciplines. Students will be exposed to state-of-the-art technologies in mineral industry to explore the value addition potential of local mineral resources.

The modern technology-integrated curriculum fulfills the need of a study program that endows the students with a better understanding on proper utilization of mineral resources stepping beyond the courses focused on exploration and extraction. Students will gain knowledge in science and technology of natural and engineered materials to increase their value in industrial applications.

Program Attributes

The dynamic curriculum incorporates course units related to the subjects of higher industrial and market demand as and when necessary. Interdisciplinary nature of the degree program broadens the knowledge and enhances the skills in students that are needed to strengthen their careers as scientists, technologists or entrepreneurs.

From the third academic year onwards students will specialize in Mineral Processing Technology or Water Science and Technology. In addition to the broad-based education they will carry out research and receive industrial training in the fourth year making them well-rounded graduates who can readily be employed in mineral and water industries.

Graduate Attributes

The graduates of Mineral Resources and Technology will have strong background knowledge in fundamentals of mineral science and thorough understanding of utilization of Earth’s resources for betterment of the humankind. A graduate of either field of specialization will have an analytical mind and rational thinking toward synthesizing solutions for practical problems in the related field. He/she will be a resourceful employee to the employer who can create value through new knowledge and research. He/she will possess a knowledge which is not limited to the field of specialization, but extending to a broader arena encompassing information technology, entrepreneurship and leadership. With this knowledge and skills he/she will fit into scientific, technical and managerial positions in related industries and will evolve into a policy and decision maker with experience.