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Computer Science & Technology Degree Program


The ever rising demand for IT experts in a globally expanding market is opening up avenues for graduates in computer sciences and technologies. In this light the Computer Science and Technology degree program was introduced to harness the opportunities in IT industry by producing well-rounded, competent and employable graduates who address the market needs with sound theoretical background and comprehensive training.

Program Attributes

The degree program offers a modern and technology-integrated curriculum ensuring an interdisciplinary learning environment where students are exposed to a multitude of related disciplines broadening their skills needed for a competitive market. The course units evolve from fundamentals through more advanced topics whereby the students will have an adequate preparation for engaging in real-world projects during their industrial training. Individual, group and mini projects throughout the course will allow the students to explore various horizons in the IT arena.

The degree program aims to produce IT professionals at a high level of excellence with comprehensive scientific knowledge in modern computer technology and capabilities to add value to local industries to support the national economic development process with the knowledge obtained by researches and independent studies.

Graduate Attributes

The graduate in Computer Science and Technology will be capable of applying his/her scientific knowledge and practical skills to provide reliable and creative solutions for the IT requirements of a broad spectrum of clientele in Sri Lanka and beyond. He/she will conveniently adapt to rapidly changing tools, technologies and requirements in IT industry as motivated by the unstinting desire to search for new knowledge. He/she will try to solve problems in his/her field of specialization using novel and innovative approaches.